Here are the questions you will be asked on the application:

1. Full name

2. Gender

3. Current address & timezone

4. Highest level of education

– You must have a Bachelor’s degree to apply (or a Master’s or Doctorate’s).

5. Phone number

6. Languages you’re fluent in

– English should be your first selection. You don’t need to speak another language, but it’s great if you do.

7. Experience with K-12 curriculum

– While this is preferred, in is not essential. Don’t forget to tick the box for ‘experience as a student’ if you studied in a K12 school (most schools in the USA and Canada).

8. Teaching experience

You must have at least one year’s experience: you will not be eligible if you have less than one year.

– This experience includes other work with children as well: “One school year of traditional teaching experience or the equivalent in mentoring, tutoring, or alternative education.”

VIPKID is ranked #1 by FlexJobs in Forbes‘ 2018'Top 100 Remote Work Companies Report.'

VIPKID is linking the world through education by providing an international learning experience that allows you to teach Chinese children from the comfort of your own home.

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