Once you’ve passed the interview and demo, you are on to teach a Mock Class! You will be given access to the certification center where you will find all the materials you need to learn everything VIPKID: TPR, Student Output, Speed & Language, Supplementary Tools, etc. You will then schedule your mock class with a live mentor. Each applicant will choose which levels to certify for.

VIPKid prides itself on working with highly qualified teachers that meet the Chinese government requirements and you will need to upload:

  • proof of your Bachelor’s Degree (any field)

  • teaching certificates (if any) or complete the free VIPKid TESOL quiz if not already certified

In addition to a quiet, dedicated space for teaching on an online platform, to teach your Mock Class (and all classes!) you will need some basic supplies and equipment.


  • Computer

  • Webcam

  • Headset

  • High-speed internet connection, preferably plugged-in to your device with an ethernet cord

  • A mouse

Please check the VIPKid system requirements to see you that you meet the computer and internet minimums to properly use the platform


  • Nice looking background to teach in front of

  • Mini white board and dry erase markers

  • Puppet

  • ABC letters - flashcards, magnetic letters, or hand written letters

  • Printed Meg, Mike, and Dino cut outs - great for HE/SHE/IT/THEY and to teach body parts and other content

  • Most importantly: A reward system! Stars you can stick on your background! Bananas you can stick on a monkey! Anything you can think of to engage the student and encourage them to participate.

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